Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Complete Guide To Royal Mail Smartstamp

The Smart Stamp made by Royal Mail may be exactly what you are looking for is you mail out many letters or parcels and you are disgusted with those long lines at the post office. Smart Stamp is also designed for you if you do not want to commit to an expensive leasing contract or lease or purchase a franking machine. Royal Mail has developed Smart Stamp for your own convenience and professional approach to postage in these modern days.

Royal Mail claims to be an online service that will let your print any amount of postage onto an envelope or package and you will not ever have to worry about buying stamps or leasing or buying a franking machine. With the Smart Stamp you can print only one envelope, one label, or a sheet of labels from your personal computer and you are allowed to print as many as you wish.

It is really simple and neat how this Smart Stamp software can be used. Below are the steps.

1. First, all you have to do is run Smart Stamp.
2. Decide on the size of the label that you desire.
3. Determine the amount of postage that you need.
4. Personalize your postage to look so professional.
5. Print!
Among the professionals that tend to use the Smart Stamp are the doctors, the E-bay power sellers, the dentists and the accountants. These are not the only professionals that can use the Smart Stamp but those that do use it vary from the business size to the frequency of using the Smart Stamp software.

There are six compatible labels that work with the Smart Stamp are the 89 x 36 mm Dymo 99012 large address labels, the 101 x 54 mm Dymo 99014 shipping labels, the 36x89 mm Seiko SLP-2RLE address labels, the 36 x 89 mm Seiko SLP-SRL shipping labels, the 62 x 30 mm Brother DK-22205 paper labels, and the 38 x 90 mm Brother DK-11208 address labels.

There are a few advantages of the Smart Stamp. The amount of time that the software Smart Stamp saves is the number one advantage. The second advantage is that you can directly print from your label printer with single labels, mail merges and bulk prints. The third advantage of the Smart Stamp is not standing in line at the post offices. Lastly but not least is the ability to personalize your postage and make it look even more professional.

There are a couple of disadvantages of the Smart Stamp. One is the price. The Smart Stamp costs 4.99 per month or 49.99 for twelve months. The other disadvantage of the Smart Stamp is that if you press print on your Smart Stamp software, accident or not, and your label printer is not turned on , you will still be charged for that Smart Stamp postage no matter what. That could get a bit expensive if you had a large number of stamps printing! So that would be a very important warning!

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