Sunday, November 11, 2012

How Does Bmw Lease Protection Plan Works?

Leasing a coveted BMW lets you experience the world's most enjoyable driving experience without having to own the car. Although, it's end of the lease which will concerns car lovers. For one, they must bid good bye to the magnificent beauty and also on top of it they may require to pay for the excessively high price of the wear and tear of this superior car.

Yet caring as they are, BMW carmakers have tried to help people deal with damage prices related to leasing a car to ensure that people can also enjoy their BMW experience without any concern. The BMW's new Lease Safety Program, which it even offers for the MINI lessees, is a really thoughtful program designed by BMW Financial Services that helps people get rid of the out-of-pocket payment for typical maintenance at the end of the lease period. This program, which many people call the extended-wear-and-tear protection, helps make the BMW leasing experience much more relaxed and convenient.

Learn to get the BMW Lease Protection Plan advantage?

To enjoy whole benefits of this program, you need to buy it right at the time of the leasing a BMW car as it is built-in with the BMW leasing experience. The cost of the program, ,275 MSRP of the BMW Lease Protection can be rolled with your monthly lease payment, so that you won't find any sort of financial burden. After the lease term, BMW itself insures claims for damages covered up under the Plan. This is not so if you buy third-party lease protection program, where by you pay on your own, submit a claim and wait for payment.

What does BMW Lease Protection Plan covers?

The very thoughtfully developed BMW Lease Protection Plan tries to minimize problems related to minor wear and tear of the car, which includes wheel problems, small dents which are usually witnessed at the end of the lease period.

The BMW Lease Protection Plan includes up to ,750 in excess wear and tear for items for example:

* Dents and dings

* Tires and wheels

* Upholstery, including rips and tears

* Carpets

* Glass

* Mirrors, mirror covers and housings

* Exterior lights, including headlamps, fog lamps and tail-lamp assemblies

* Bumpers, step bumpers and surrounding trim

* Navigation/display screen

* Factory-installed entertainment system

* Convertible tops

* Mufflers and tail pipes

* Rubber door seals

* Name-plate badges and hood ornaments

* Moldings and trim, including metal and chrome

* Missing parts (up to 0 per occurrence)

How the program works?

After the lease term, a lease-end check up is performed at the BMW Center. An inspector looks at the car and furthermore gives a lease-end inspection report to the customer. The claim is submitted right to the BMW Financial Services by the car dealership. The client does not have to do anything in the process. The program as well incentives the customers if there are no claims to be settled.

Therefore the BMW Lease Protection Plan is the ideal solution for people who want to enjoy a worry-free leasing experience. The plan helps them do away with the need for getting costly insurance play and enjoy the BMW driving experience to the hilt.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why You Should ( And Should Not ) Lease Equipment. When Do Financing Leases Make Sense Via A Leasing Company In Canada

Financing leases in Canada. Should we... or perhaps we shouldn't ... and who with... and when ... and why. Can we make up our minds here!No one is a bigger fan of lease equipment strategies in Canada than us... when you're with the right leasing company it's a powerful double whammy of financing success.

But is it always advisable to choose equipment finance, and when are there some clear disadvantages to this popular method of Canadian business financing.Although 80% of North American firms utilize lease finance it might not always be your preferred strategy. Two obvious alternatives of course are to purchase the equipment outright, while the other options might just be a term loan strategy.

If there was in fact on perfect method of financing fixed assets, trust us... we'd be all over it. However the real world suggests that it's always about some pros and cons where you as the business owner or financial manager have to weigh in.One of the most obvious benefits of those who have used leasing before is simply that it more efficient and less time consuming than seeking loan financing.

The industry in Canada is basically categorized as ' document efficient'... smaller transactions can almost always be approved in a day or so ... sometimes within hours if you're at the lower end of the spectrum.One other key advantage of asset finance via a lease strategy is your ability to manage what is known as the obsolescence factor. Because you're paying over time and the lessor owns the asset it becomes the risk of your leasing company when it comes to declining asset values.

Most of us know that 99% of busines assets depreciate, not appreciate in value.One solid example of the whole issue of obsolescence is the technology area. Whether its computers, software (yes software and software licenses can be financed) and telecom equipment are prime examples of expensive higher ticket items that can lose their value almost overnight given changing technologies.

So to pay for them in cash or to lock into a term loan that has no flexibility is simply... not recommended!Many companies in the manufacturing sector rely on production assets to run their company. These quite often need to be upgraded, if simply for the wear and tear aspect something mechanical. So the idea of flexibility in a lease to return, upgrade, trade in, and then refinance is a highly sought after financing strategy in Canadian business.

Not all fixed assets that your company needs will be needed for a long time... in some cases they may even be project oriented. That's when a shorter lease term with an aggressive depreciation policy makes solid sense.That's just a couple advantage of leasing in Canada. But should you always be using this option?

We do like to present a balanced picture!If there are situations when you can maintain residual upside in the value of the equipment or asset (perhaps your company jet?!) then by all means consider an operating strategy or a term loan scenario. Also, if you are in a position to pay cash and not hinder your overall cash flow situation then there is some accounting and cost advantages to outright purchase.

So, bottom line today? It's simply to manage and understand the weight of evidence that come with any lease vs. buy strategy. Need help? Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor today for your lease equipment needs.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Best Auto Loan Provider In Waco Tx

Auto Financing In Waco TX

Are you looking for an auto loan in Waco? Our dealership gives customers the ability to secure quick and easy auto financing at our Waco, TX location. The process is easy and simple, regardless if you have good or bad credit. From the domain of our website you can browse our new or used car inventory, submit your contact information and fill out a quick and easy credit application. Special financing is available for customers with below average or bad credit.

Waco TX Used Car Loan

The financing department at Jubilee Auto Group is filled with exceptional employees with many years of auto financing experience in Waco. We will find the best lender for your situation depending on what type of vehicle you want, how much you want the monthly payments and where you choose to go from that point. The car, truck or SUV that you choose will be submitted for a finance loan to many banks in the Waco, TX area. Some banks from Temple, TX, Bryan TX, Killeen TX and more are options we also use to finance your newly purchased vehicle.

Bad Credit Cars

If you have bad credit don't let it defer you from the easy financing you can get at Jubilee. Even if you have been turned down elsewhere when trying to buy a used car in Waco, don't let it make you worried. We have worked with many previous customers who have had repossessions, bankruptcies, divorces and other situations that simply won't allow them to buy the car or truck of their dreams. STOP! Let us help you! At Jubilee, we could care less about a credit score! Take a couple of seconds to submit a quick credit application online and see the value in financing with us - Your Waco Used Car Dealership.

No Credit Car Buying In Central Texas

The feeling you get when you buy your first car can be amazing! Remember when most of us were barely 16 and climbed into the door of our parents latest hand-me-down? It felt like freedom! First time car buying in Waco can be a little risky and un-assuring due to the lack of credit you may have. Even if you have a very qualified co-signer you can be left with a very high monthly payment. Not at our waco dealership! We understand the challenges many customers face and we want to help you get the car of your dreams!

In Review

Car buying in Waco, TX is tough. Many of us often hear that visiting Dallas, Austin or even further will help us save money on our next used car purchase. This isn't true! The best car dealership is right here in Waco - Jubilee Auto Group

Monday, November 5, 2012

Faqs About Club O

Online shopping gets better when you take advantage of Club O:'s exclusive rewards program. Full of rewards, exclusive events and free shipping, Club O improves your shopping experience by offering you the best rewards program you can ask for. Signing up for the Club O rewards program is easy, but you may not know about all the benefits of being a Club O member. Read on to find answers to frequently asked questions about Club O at

Questions about Club O:

Is it expensive to join Club O?

A Club O membership costs .95 and gives you benefits and rewards for one full year. With 5 percent rewards on each purchase and free shipping, many customers save far more than they spend on their Club O membership. Since memberships to the Club O rewards program are so inexpensive, especially when you consider how much you'll save, a Club O membership makes a great gift for friends and family.

How do I earn rewards?

You earn Club O rewards with every purchase you make on Just by purchasing products on, you'll instantly earn 5 percent rewards on everything in your order. There are often exclusive events for Club O members that may offer additional rewards on certain products or on certain days of the year.

Do rewards expire?

Your Club O rewards will never expire as long as your Club O account is active. If your Club O accountexpires, your rewards will be available to you for 90 days after the date your account expires.

Are there any shipping incentives?

An Club O membership gives you free shipping on all your orders, excluding orders under that consist solely of books, movies, media and video games. Free shipping is one of the best benefits of being a Club O member, since it saves you extra money on top of the already low prices and rewards you'll find by being a member of Club O on

Who can have a Club O account?

You must be 18 years old or older to have an Club O membership. Club O members can also only have one membership per email address. Most members of the Club O program prefer to only have one Club O membership since Club O rewards will only apply to the account items are purchased on.

Can I use my reward dollars with other discounts?

Your Club O reward dollars can be combined with other discounts, coupons and offers from, helping you save even more on your favorite products. Club O reward dollars cannot, however, be used on the same order or at the same time as gift cards or in-store credit.

How do I join Club O?

Joining Club O is easy. Just visit's Club O rewards program page, accept the terms and conditions and fill out your information. Your Club O membership fee will be charged to the credit card associated with your account. You can start earning rewards right away when you sign up for the Club O program.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

3 Crucial Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Any Company To Build Your Corporate Business Credit

Accessing corporate business credit is the fastest and most powerful way to expand any business. However, in today's credit environment banks have been getting stricter with their lending requirements.

Most small business owners are starving for cash and unfortunately this environment has led to several unscrupulous corporate business credit providers taking advantage of desperate business owners seeking corporate credit.

When hiring a professional corporate credit builder you must be extra careful who you deal with. Here are 3 crucial questions you must ask any company before hiring them to build your lines of corporate business credit.

CAUTION: Failure To Ask The Following 3 Questions Will Likely Put You At Risk Of Being Taken Advantage Of And Prove To Be A Very Costly Lesson!

Corporate Business Credit Crucial Question #1: Are they really on your side?

How Does The Company Get Paid?: The best corporate business credit building firms only get paid if they actually get you results. Before dealing with any company ask them how they get paid. Is there an upfront fee? If there is, how much of the total fee is paid only after they are successful in acquiring corporate business credit lines for you?

When you're dealing with a really good corporate credit builder they will not charge you until after they produce results. If they don't get corporate credit for you then they simply don't get paid! With this payment arrangement you know they are on your side and have your best interest in mind.

Which Type Of Credit Will They Build For You : Will you receive trade credit or cash credit?

This is one of the biggest rookie mistakes people make when they hire a professional corporate business credit builder.

Many corporate credit companies prey on their client's ignorance of the difference between "trade credit" and "cash credit". You'll see outrageous advertisements like "Get a 300K Corporate Credit Line Within 30 Days With No Credit Check". Beware of outlandish advertisements such as these.

Often when a corporate credit builder makes such claims they are talking about building you trade credit and not cash credit.

What's the difference between Trade Credit and Cash Credit?

Trade credit can only be used with one particular store or vendor. Trade credit is great if you need office supplies or computer equipment but it won't do you much good if you need actual cash. Like the saying goes, "Cash is king".

Corporate Business Credit Crucial Question #3: Can The Company Provide You With Referrals?

This should be a no brainer but it amazes me how many people pay for corporate business credit building services without getting referrals first.

Any decent corporate credit builder should be able to provide you with a list of happy satisfied customers. If they can't provide you with referrals and satisfied customers then the odds are they don't have any satisfied customers. Always ask for referrals before you pay them any money. If they can't provide referrals then walk away.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Looking for Micro Business Loans? Try A Micro Loan Credit Card

Looking for a small business loan for your company?

Tired of dealing with traditional lenders that ask for collateral, tax returns, balance sheets and pretty much everything under the sun?

While micro business loans have become a viable alternative for small business owners there's a new type of micro loan credit card that lenders have been introducing into the marketplace. This is another option for small business owners that is much faster than even micro loans simply from the fact that the credit approval process is strictly based on your credit scores.

You may be familiar with a secured credit card that helps rebuild your personal credit but now lenders are offering a credit card exclusively for business owners called the Small Business Micro Loan Visa Card.

With credit availability among traditional lenders hard to come by it's a new breed of credit specifically designed for small business owners like you. It's a much better option then relying on your personal credit cards to finance your business because not only does it help track your business expenses but also protects your personal credit ratings as well.

This is a popular source of capital because of its ability to obtain quick cash, what I call cash on demand. Typically, it works like a revolving credit card but the major difference is that it has much lower credit limits. While small business loans are used to expand a business, purchase equipment, buy inventory or simply increase working capital the micro loan credit card provides the cash credit you need without the time delay.

So if you're looking for a micro business loan without having to deal with all the requirements that come with traditional loans then this may be the card for you.

As far as underwriting most lenders will pull a personal credit check from the major credit agencies like Transunion and Experian and as long as your credit scores are favorable then you should be able to qualify.

Keep in mind there are several fees that come with opening an account like this so make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the offer.

When your account is opened you will be charged these fees so your initial credit availability will be slightly less than your approved credit limit.

Here is a quick overview of the Small Business Micro Loan Credit Card:

Small Business Micro Loan Card

*One-Time Origination Fee

*Quick and Easy Access to Capital

*Monthly Maintenance Fees

*Keep Business Expenses Separate from Personal Expenses

In today's ever changing business climate you will start to see that more and more lenders and banks will introduce new and diverse credit products specifically designed for small business owners like you.